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Two Clouds Above Nine Earrings
Forme Suspender Earrings
Forme Suspender Earrings Sale price$398.00
Sold out Maura Earrings
Maura Earrings Sale price$250.00
Pave Diamond Huggies
Pave Diamond Huggies Sale price$895.00
Braided Hoops
Braided Hoops Sale price$112.00
Clover Studs - Blue
Clover Studs - Blue Sale price$240.00
Itty Bitty Pave Diamond Lightning Bolt Stud - Single
Circle Diamond Prong Studs
Circle Diamond Prong Studs Sale price$350.00
Shower of Faith Baby Fringe Earrings
Fringe Theory Earrings
Fringe Theory Earrings Sale price$184.00
Sold out Labradorite Single Drop Earrings
Sage Earrings - Silver
Sage Earrings - Silver Sale price$160.00
Sage Earrings - Brass
Sage Earrings - Brass Sale price$110.00
Mazzo Hoop Earrings
Mazzo Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $56.00
FAIL Oval Hoops
FAIL Oval Hoops Sale priceFrom $46.00
Itty Bitty Wishbone Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Palm Tree Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Peace Sign Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Star Stud - Single
Trace Hook Earring
Trace Hook Earring Sale priceFrom $44.00
Fish Earrings
Fish Earrings Sale priceFrom $36.00
Itty Bitty Skull Stud - Single
14K Gold Hugger Hoops
14K Gold Hugger Hoops Sale priceFrom $75.00
Rise Sterling Silver Studs
Rise Sterling Silver Studs Sale price$110.00
Sold out Micro Fragment Stud Earring - Sterling Silver
Itty Bitty Lightning Bolt Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Kite Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Tear Drop Stud - Single
Cloud Lina Earrings - Brass
Cloud Lina Earrings - Brass Sale price$160.00
Save $35.00 Petite Hoops - Rose Gold - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Petite Hoops - Rose Gold Sale price$190.00 Regular price$225.00
Petite Hoops - Yellow Gold - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Petite Hoops - Yellow Gold Sale price$225.00
14k Goldfill Oval Hoop Earrings - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
14k Goldfill Oval Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $65.00
Gold Bar Studs
Gold Bar Studs Sale price$285.00
Diamond Drop Studs - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Diamond Drop Studs Sale price$295.00
Mane of Gold Earrings
Mane of Gold Earrings Sale price$104.00
Knife Edge Hoops
Knife Edge Hoops Sale price$1,275.00
Princess Diamond Bar Earrings
Arc Dangle - Mint Green
Arc Dangle - Mint Green Sale price$39.00
Arc Dangle - Misty Blue
Arc Dangle - Misty Blue Sale price$39.00
Arc Dangle - Mulberry
Arc Dangle - Mulberry Sale price$39.00
Mini Arc Dangles - Blush
Mini Arc Dangles - Blush Sale price$30.00
Mini Arc Dangles - Jade Green
Mini Arc Dangles - Misty Blue
Capsule Drop Hoops - Mulberry
Circle Arch Dangles - Mulberry + Plum
Pebble Drop Earrings - Plum
Square Circle Dangles - White + Oat
Tall Arch Earrings - Blush