Commitment Collection

Our Commitment Collection features several styles that can be modified to fit your jewelry vision! These pieces are meant to be modified - whether you’re looking to change the center stone shape, create a design in a different metal, or adjust the size of the stone, you can use our designs as a starting off point for your future forever piece. 

How it works:

  • If you like the design as-is, you can simply purchase through our site and select your metal and size preference. We'll be in touch within 48 hours to coordinate purchasing a center stone. 
  •  If you're interested in customizing one of the pieces from our Commitment Collection, you can schedule an appointment with us to view the collection and discuss further! 

These pieces are best for:

  • Clients who are drawn to our pre-designed pieces, but would like to make small changes such as stone shape or metal preference
  • Customers not looking for the commitment of a fully customized piece

Please note: the pricing listed below are for the setting only. The center stone will be an additional cost. We're happy to provide a general sense of pricing for a center stone based on your preferences, but the final price is ultimately dependent on type of stone, size, quality, color and more. 

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