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Lev Studs - Sky
Lev Studs - Sky Sale price$280.00
Weekender Earrings
Weekender Earrings Sale price$36.00
Saki Earrings
Saki Earrings Sale price$40.00
Sunday Earrings
Sunday Earrings Sale price$32.00
Pearl Hoops
Pearl Hoops Sale price$64.00
Medium Flora Hoop - Silver
Diamond Long Arc Earrings
Diamond Long Arc Earrings Sale price$398.00
Lab Diamond Hoop Earrings
Lab Diamond Hoop Earrings Sale price$575.00
Chunky Reality of Travel Large Hoops
Sold out Lev Studs - Emerald
Lev Studs - Emerald Sale price$280.00
Lev Studs - Ruby
Lev Studs - Ruby Sale price$280.00
Rainbow Moonstone + Salt and Pepper Diamond Studs
Double Grey Diamond Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Cactus Stud - Single
Opal Teardrop Stud Earrings
Opal Teardrop Stud Earrings Sale price$260.00
Venus Studs - Diamond
Venus Studs - Diamond Sale price$460.00
Lev Studs - Diamond
Lev Studs - Diamond Sale price$320.00
Fereastra Earrings - Blue Sapphire
Clover Studs - Grey
Clover Studs - Grey Sale price$340.00
Blackberry Bramble Studs - Silver
Wild Rose Thorn Studs - Silver
Wild Rose Thorn Studs - Gold
Blackberry Bramble Studs - Gold
Margo Hoops - Gold
Margo Hoops - Gold Sale price$80.00
Margo Hoops - Silver
Margo Hoops - Silver Sale price$80.00
Rose of Sharon Earrings
Rose of Sharon Earrings Sale price$146.00
Avery Earrings - Autumn
Avery Earrings - Autumn Sale price$210.00
Anna Earrings - Cobalt
Anna Earrings - Cobalt Sale price$85.00
June Earrings
June Earrings Sale priceFrom $84.00
Rhodes Hoops
Rhodes Hoops Sale price$120.00
Twist Hoops
Twist Hoops Sale price$95.00
Daniella Hoops
Daniella Hoops Sale price$130.00
Small Lucia Sterling Silver Diamond Dangle Earrings
Small Lucia Vermeil Diamond Dangle Earrings
Large Poetic Gold Hoops
Large Poetic Gold Hoops Sale price$153.00
Braided Mini Hoops
Braided Mini Hoops Sale price$70.00
Diamond Bar Studs
Diamond Bar Studs Sale price$425.00
Margo Mini Hoops
Margo Mini Hoops Sale price$65.00
Birthstone Studs: Sapphire (September)
Birthstone Studs: Tanzanite (December)
Birthstone Studs: Emerald (May)
Birthstone Studs: Aquamarine (March)
Birthstone Studs: Garnet (January)
Birthstone Studs: Ruby (July)
Birthstone Studs: Tourmaline (October)
Birthstone Studs: Amethyst (February)
Victory Studs - Opal & Blue Sapphire
Sold out Small Cloud Lina Earrings - Brass