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Before & After: Tennis Bracelet For Jessica

Jessica had received two pins from her late grandmother that she did not wear. She wanted to turn the diamonds featured into something that she could wear every day. Given the number of stones and the uniformity in size of most of them, we decided to create a tennis bracelet. We started with the largest stones first and featured a tapered effect for the finished piece!

  Before and after jewelry reset image, taking a diamond brooch and turning it into a tennis bracelet



About Our Heirloom Redesign Services

We consider heirloom redesigns to be our bread + butter, and we love working with clients to recreate their previously well-loved jewelry into something new and special. By re-working your old pieces, we can maintain the sentimental value that inherently lies in stones + metal, and produce something that will become a favorite piece for years to come. 

Some examples of projects we've done are:

  • Take apart an old diamond engagement ring and using the stone in a new setting
  • Create a solitaire pendant necklace out of an old stone
  • Reset uniform matching stones into a tennis bracelet
  • Combine gemstones from various pieces into a cluster style ring or necklace 
  • Remove diamonds from an old band and create new diamond studs 

We work with precious stones like diamond, ruby and sapphire, and handle semi-precious stones on a case by case basis. We do not work with heirloom emeralds, pearls, opals, or tanzanite. 

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