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Setting Styles

Prongs, bezels, and more… there are a ton of stone settings to choose from. Prongs allow for a lot of light and minimal metal. Bezel settings are easy to wear and super secure. Other settings can offer the best of both worlds. Halos and side stones bring more gems to party and offer limitless options for a truly one-of-a-kind ring. From hidden halos to cluster style settings, there are ton of ways to add to your center stone.

When considering how you want your stone set, there are a few things to consider. Will you want your wedding band to sit flush with your engagement ring or are you open to a curved band? How about lifestyle — do you want your ring to stay out of the way and be set as low as possible or is height a non-issue?

The Basics

  • Prong - Arguably the most classic setting, prong set diamonds allow for maximum light play and the least amount of metal. This style also generally allows for a wedding band to sit snugly beside the engagement ring — no need for a curved or open band for stacking. Check out our Aster and Poppy settings for a classic, prong set solitaire.
  • Bezel - Diamonds set in a bezel are wrapped fully in metal for maximum stone security. This style sits low on the finger and doesn’t have prongs that can catch, making bezel-set rings an easy-to-wear style. Best paired with an open or curved wedding band. If you love a bezel, Primrose might be your ring.
  • Under Bezel - Bezel on the bottom, prongs on top! This style is for someone who prefers the look of prongs but would like a lower-set stone. Style this setting, like our Iris, with a curved or open band.
  • Top Bezel - If you love the aesthetic of a bezel setting but would like your wedding band to sit flush with the engagement ring, this one’s for you! Our Violet ring features prongs from the side view and Daisy offers a lower set peekaboo — both great options for stacking bands!

Something Extra

  • Halo - Halos work around bezel and prong set center stones alike and bring more diamonds to the ring — what’s not to love! Halos are often featured around a prong set stone, like our Marigold ring, but we love the look of a bezel with a halo accent. Check out the Dahlia ring for a unique look and maximum finger coverage. 
  • Hidden Halo - Diamond details that are just for you, hidden halos can be seen from the side profile only. This touch of sparkle is featured on our Zinnia.
  • Three stone - Sometimes more is better. Three stone rings are classic and offer a lot of diamond coverage on the hand. Side stone cuts are limitless, but check out the Azalea and Ivy for inspiration. Our Cosmos is a unique take on the three stone look.
  • Cluster - Romantic, floral, ethereal…. All ways to describe a cluster style setting! A million ways to spin this one for a truly one-of-a-kind ring, but we think the Laurel is pretty great.

Browse the rest of our setting styles here!

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