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Where do you source your sapphires?

Most of our sapphires are sourced from Montana and Australia. These stones are often part of mine-to-maker programs and offer high supply chain traceability. Occasionally, we’ll acquire stones from other regions of the word as well, such as Africa and South Asia.

Are sapphires a good alternative to diamonds?

This really depends on the look you ultimately want for your engagement ring but the short answer is yes! Durability wise, they’re really the only other stone we like to recommend for most engagement pieces. Sapphires in general are a great option for engagement rings as they rank 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness — making them a tough and durable choice. We’ve found that clients with their hearts set on emeralds, which are too soft for everyday wear, often find a sapphire in a hue they love – think more mossy, olive or forest green than bright kelly green.

 If you’re looking for a stone to mimic the appearance of a diamond at a lower price point, white sapphires might be an option you’d like to consider. Keep in mind, they won’t necessarily have the same brilliance of a diamond and offer a more subdued sparkle. If you’re looking for a great colored stone, sapphires will be your go-to as they come in a vast variety of colors. 


What about lab grown sapphires?

While lab grown sapphires are certainly on the market, we don’t source from suppliers with lab grown stones. Our sapphires are all natural!

Are sapphires a more affordable engagement ring stone?

Similar to diamonds, prices can range dramatically based on certain qualities — like cut, color, size, and clarity — and how rare these qualities make the stone. We recommend choosing a stone type you love and we’ll work with you to find options that fit within your budget.

Can I use sapphires as side stones?

Absolutely! We love sapphire three stone and cluster style rings. We generally recommend using a sapphire as a center stone for these pieces, as having the darkest stone in the center tends to be the most appealing from a design perspective.

What is the difference between heated and unheated sapphires?

Many of the sapphires used in jewelry undergo heat treatment to enhance their color. This treatment is stable and does not affect the value of the stone. While unheated sapphires do exist on the market, we don’t consider heated sapphires any less special!

What colors do sapphires come in? 

Our clients are often surprised to learn that sapphires come in other colors besides the traditional “sapphire blue.” Sapphires come in an array of hues - from white to yellow, pink, orange, blue, teal, green and more!


Photos courtesy of our friends at Misft Diamonds.

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