We believe that it’s important to understand where and how your pieces are being made, and what they are made up of. It’s imperative to us that we are mindful of the materials we use, and the practices we take in our studio. 


As our demand has grown for our custom pieces, we have begun working with two small businesses - one in Philadelphia and one in New York - to help with our casting + stone setting. We also work with a women’s collective located in upstate New York to help with the bulk production of our everyday line. All of these pieces are made with recycled metals, and all of our extra materials (down to the plastic baggies most of the jewelry we carry is shipped in) are reused and recycled, or donated when possible. 


We source stones from a variety of suppliers who are committed to providing quality, conflict-free stones. All of the diamonds we purchase adhere to the Kimberley Process, and when possible, we try our best to trace the origin of our stones. While it's not always possible for us to trace the exact origin of stones, we always try our best to know exactly where the stones are coming from, and work closely with trusted suppliers to obtain that information. 

For those who want a completely environmentally conscious piece, we recommend buying one of our vintage or antique styles. It is recycling in every sense, and no additional labor or materials are needed. 


All of the metal we use in our pieces is 100% recycled. We also recycle all of the scrap metal used in our studio.