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Part-Time Shop Manager

We are looking for a Part-Time Shop Manager to join our team! The primary responsibilities of a shop manager are to oversee day-to-day operations at the shop, act as the main point person for all customer interactions within the shop, and to create a warm, inviting shop environment. This person will open and close the shop, lead the sales floor, oversee shop associates, assist with product merchandising, and create an informative and welcoming shopping experience for our customers.

This position requires 3 Sunday shifts a month, with the option to work every Thursday as well. Starting pay of $23/hour + monthly team commissions, plus a generous shop discount. Sunday (10:30-6:30pm) availability is required, and Thursday (11:30-6:30) is open but not mandatory.


  • Experience in a retail environment
  • Weekend availability
  • A friendly, self-starter attitude
  • Willingness and eagerness to help our customers in any way!


  • Knowledge of the Shopify platform
  • Familiarity with upscale jewelry brands, comfortable using jewelry terminology
  • Experience in sales, preferably in a jewelry-related environment

      Responsibilities include:


      • Maintain a welcoming, friendly attitude to anyone who enters the shop
      • Prioritize customer engagement
      • Proactively interact with customers and helps to answer any questions, comments, or concerns
      • Help to create a warm, inviting shop environment
      • Find solutions for customer requests
      • Always leads customer interactions rather than waiting for the customer to engage
      • Answer customer questions with thoughtful responses 


      • Open and closes the shop in a timely and organized manner
      • Act as a leader on the shop floor
      • Work quickly and efficiently to troubleshoot any shop issues and handle customer service problems
      • Re-merchandise and restock on an ongoing basis 
      • Handle all returns, exchanges and store credit transactions without assistance
      • Make little to no register errors
      • Maintain a clean and organized shop environment


      • Make a concise effort to be well-versed in all of the products/designers we carry in store
      • Share product and designer stories with customers to encourage sales
      • Guide customers through the fine jewelry and engagement buying process
      • Actively find answers to customer questions about products
        TO APPLY
        Please send an email with a bit about yourself, your resume and pay expectations to