Determining Your Ring Size

Ring sizing is a tricky business—but it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to answer your questions and make the process as easy as possible. We always recommend that you come in to SHELTER for ring sizing, if possible. We also provide sizers to try at home, which can be purchased here. Many of our rings can be resized—but there are a few exceptions including eternity bands, certain estate pieces, and rings with specific stones. 

Our Tips & Recommendations for Measuring Your Ring Size

Many people ask us what the “perfect fit” is for their engagement and wedding band—as well as for everyday jewelry they purchase from the shop. While we can’t give you an exact answer (because how people choose to wear their rings is personal), here are some pointers:

  • Your ring should fit comfortably but not loosely— it shouldn’t be able to fall off! It should move over your  knuckle with some resistance/effort, but not be a struggle to get on and off.
  • Fingers can change size throughout the day and can be weather-dependent (many people find their fingers swell a bit in the summer and shrink a bit in the winter). Try to get your finger measured at the end of the day when your fingers will likely be at their largest
  • If you are between two sizes, choose the larger size, or try to land on a quarter or half size
  • Having large knuckles can affect your ring size (as it will be larger than the base of your finger) and may require you go up half a size 
  • The band width can impact the size of your ring—you may need to size up if you are choosing a ring with a wider band
  • Don’t use string to measure your fingers as string can stretch
  • If you're still unsure of your size, try going to 1-2 different jewelry stores and make sure the ring size is consistent
  • If all else fails, size up - it's easier to remove metal from a ring than add it

Ring Buying as a Gift or Surprise

The best way to gift someone a ring that will likely fit them is to bring in a ring he or she currently wears on the finger you intend on buying for. That can help the SHELTER team provide the most accurate sizing possible. It’s essential to make sure before purchasing a ring with us that you find out if it can be resized if it doesn’t fit the recipient perfectly.