We get asked a lot of questions about all things wedding in the shop—so we’ve gathered and answered them here to help make your ring-buying experience at SHELTER just a little bit easier (and more fun!).

I don’t know what size ring I am. Can I get sized?

Absolutely. For the most accurate size, stop into the shop to get sized by a SHELTER team member. As an alternative, you can order a try-at-home sizer here.

A few things to consider: We size to the quarter size and we air on the side of slightly tighter, rather than looser. If the band is thick, you typically need to size up slightly. If you’re stacking several rings, it’s often more comfortable if the rings fit slightly bigger.

The general rules of fit include:
• There should be a little resistance pulling over your knuckle
• You shouldn’t struggle pulling the ring on or off (if it requires soap or water, it’s too tight)
• If you can pull the ring on and off with a lot of ease, or you find it’s slipping off when your hands get cold, that’s a sign that it’s too big!


First and foremost, we want you to be happy with your ring! We always try our best to size rings as accurately as possible the first time around; however, if you purchase an engagement ring through SHELTER and feel it just isn’t working for you, we offer a one-time complimentary resizing for our customers. There are a few exceptions to this: We cannot resize eternity bands (rings featuring diamonds that go all the way around). Rings with softer stones like opal, moonstone and aquamarine, as well as certain vintage rings cannot be resized. We’ll always note before you complete a purchase at SHELTER if we foresee any issues with resizing. 

What’s the best way for me to care for my engagement ring?

Great question! We get this one a lot and we’ve developed a whole do’s and don’ts checklist for our customers to reference for ease. Check it out here!


If you are special ordering a ring from one of our featured designers, the lead time will depend on a number of variables including time of year, stone and metal choice, etc. The average lead time for most of our designers is 7-8 weeks. We will do our best to ensure an accurate and timely delivery of your ring(s), and are also happy to try and accommodate any special dates or deadlines.

Do you use stones that customers provide themselves?

We do work with customer provided stones. Head here to learn more about how to work with your own stones.

I’m interested in using lab diamonds for environmental reasons for my engagement ring. Does SHELTER work with lab diamonds? 

We are excited to feature engagement rings and metals that are environmentally and socially responsible, so we typically do not source or work with designers who use lab diamonds in their pieces. We also suggest looking to vintage, antique and estate pieces for a wonderful way to source stones that were mined prior to the mining of conflict diamonds. 


Another wonderful question. Deciding where and when to start looking is the first step! The SHELTER team is specially trained to answer your questions regarding engagement and wedding bands. You can set up an appointment for a consultation at our Wedding Wing or you can simply pop in to peruse our gems on any day of the week. 

We often get asked about budget. How much should be spent toward a ring? What do diamonds cost? How much will a nice ring cost? The truth is, no amount of money spent on an engagement ring or wedding band is right or wrong. It’s all about your comfort level and the budget you feel comfortable operating within. We firmly believe there is no one way to buy a ring—and no dumb questions either. It’s one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make and we want to support you through the process.