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Summer Of Color

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Sold out Turquoise Gemstone Necklace
Turquoise Gemstone Necklace Sale price$198.00
Clover Hoops - Ruby
Clover Hoops - Ruby Sale price$2,780.00
Genie Charm with Citrine + Rubies
Sold out Multi-Shaded Quartz Gemstone Necklace
Clover Studs - Raspberry
Clover Studs - Raspberry Sale price$260.00
Sold out Turquoise and Tourmaline Aurora Studs
Sold out Sofia Slice Necklace - Emerald
Turquoise Shoreline Bracelet
Sold out Foster Necklace - Blue
Foster Necklace - Blue Sale price$98.00
Trandafir Studs - Light Green
Large Prong Set Citrine Herkimer Cut Studs
Suice Studs - Berry
Suice Studs - Berry Sale price$360.00
Small Bezel Wrapped Citrine Freeform Studs
Inverted Hoop Earrings
Inverted Hoop Earrings Sale price$1,656.00
Crater Hoops
Crater Hoops Sale price$1,210.00
Sold out Mixed Color Bead Chain Necklace
Deux Ring - Ocean
Deux Ring - Ocean Sale price$1,050.00
Bicolor Lemon Citrine Dangling Earrings
Arc Dangle - Misty Blue
Arc Dangle - Misty Blue Sale price$39.00
Livluv Ring - Raspberry
Livluv Ring - Raspberry Sale price$1,050.00
Golden Hills Turquoise and Diamond Ring
Petite Iris Asscher Studs
Petite Iris Asscher Studs Sale price$395.00
Small Bezel Wrapped Freeform Turquoise Studs
Alice Charm with Blue Topaz
Alice Charm with Blue Topaz Sale price$600.00
Dahlia Gemstone Hoops
Dahlia Gemstone Hoops Sale price$895.00
Droplet Charm with Emerald
Droplet Charm with Emerald Sale price$250.00
Marquise Triplet Studs - Spring
Arc Dangle - Mint Green
Arc Dangle - Mint Green Sale price$39.00
Mini Arc Dangles - Blush
Mini Arc Dangles - Blush Sale price$30.00
Diamond Floret Malachite Pendant
Sold out Stickpin Studs - Turquoise
Stickpin Studs - Turquoise Sale price$250.00