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Opal Teardrop Stud Earrings
Opal Teardrop Stud Earrings Sale price$260.00
Diamond Drop Studs - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Diamond Drop Studs Sale price$295.00
Lev Studs - Diamond
Lev Studs - Diamond Sale price$320.00
Venus Studs - Blue Sapphire
Venus Studs - Blue Sapphire Sale price$360.00
Itty Bitty Disc Stud - Single
Diamond Bar Studs
Diamond Bar Studs Sale price$425.00
Itty Bitty Peace Sign Stud - Single
Sold out Itty Bitty Star Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Skull Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Lightning Bolt Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Key Stud - Single
Gold Bar Studs
Gold Bar Studs Sale price$285.00
Birthstone Studs: Amethyst (February)
Birthstone Studs: Tourmaline (October)
Birthstone Studs: Ruby (July)
Birthstone Studs: Emerald (May)
Birthstone Studs: Tanzanite (December)
Birthstone Studs: Sapphire (September)
Clover Studs - Grey
Clover Studs - Grey Sale price$340.00
Clover Studs - Sky
Clover Studs - Sky Sale price$240.00
Rainbow Moonstone + Salt and Pepper Diamond Studs
Lev Studs - Sky
Lev Studs - Sky Sale price$280.00
Clover Studs - Raspberry
Clover Studs - Raspberry Sale price$260.00
Helium Initial Studs
Helium Initial Studs Sale price$300.00
Trillion Diamond Studs
Trillion Diamond Studs Sale price$940.00
Diamond + Hammered Granule Stud
Save $261.00 One Of A Kind Trillion Two-Stone Studs
One Of A Kind Trillion Two-Stone Studs Sale price$690.00 Regular price$951.00
Emerald Marquise + Diamond Studs
Sapphire Marquise + Diamond Studs
Ruby Marquise + Diamond Studs
Aquamarine Marquise + Diamond Studs
Channel Set Baguette Diamond Bar Stud Earrings
Itty Bitty Diamond Evil Eye Stud - Single
Save $220.00 Shelter Anniversary Collection: One Of A Kind Dark Pink Sapphire Shield Studs
Save $195.00 Shelter Anniversary Collection: One Of A Kind Light Pink Sapphire Shield Studs
Clover Studs - Blue
Clover Studs - Blue Sale price$240.00
Princess Diamond Bar Studs
Princess Diamond Bar Studs Sale price$750.00
Gretchen Earrings
Gretchen Earrings Sale price$295.00
Opal Small Hinge Huggie Hoops
Petite Iris Asscher Studs
Petite Iris Asscher Studs Sale price$395.00
Itty Bitty Crescent Moon Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Heart Stud - Single
Turquoise Small Hinge Huggie Hoops
Moonstone Marquise + Diamond Studs
Hope Studs - Sky
Hope Studs - Sky Sale price$340.00
Nova Studs - Sky
Nova Studs - Sky Sale price$560.00
Nova Studs - Ocean
Nova Studs - Ocean Sale price$560.00
Petite Fern Asscher Studs
Petite Fern Asscher Studs Sale price$395.00