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Satomi Kawakita

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Extended Twin Pearl Earrings
White Diamond Diadem Ring
White Diamond Diadem Ring Sale price$1,415.00
White Diamond Anadem Ring
White Diamond Anadem Ring Sale price$1,368.00
Crown Ring
Crown Ring Sale price$983.00
Pont de Pearl Studs
Pont de Pearl Studs Sale price$978.00
Ribbon Chain Bracelet
Ribbon Chain Bracelet Sale price$658.00
Rippling Bracelet
Rippling Bracelet Sale price$563.00
Small Diamond Bar Necklace
Small Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$858.00
The Skinniest Stripe Band
The Skinniest Stripe Band Sale price$340.00
Little Pyramid Ring
Little Pyramid Ring Sale price$370.00
Homespun Ring
Homespun Ring Sale price$310.00
Save $677.00 White Diamond Hexagon Ring
White Diamond Hexagon Ring Sale price$5,850.00 Regular price$6,527.00
Save $540.00 Wide White Diamond Starry Night Band
Wide White Diamond Starry Night Band Sale price$2,160.00 Regular price$2,700.00