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Ruta Reifen

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Side-Piece Ring
Side-Piece Ring Sale price$2,320.00
Bae Ring- Grey
Bae Ring- Grey Sale price$840.00
Chevy Ring
Chevy Ring Sale price$840.00
Birthstone Studs: Sapphire (September)
Birthstone Studs: Tanzanite (December)
Birthstone Studs: Emerald (May)
Birthstone Studs: Garnet (January)
Birthstone Studs: Ruby (July)
Birthstone Studs: Tourmaline (October)
Birthstone Studs: Amethyst (February)
Diamond Monde Ring
Diamond Monde Ring Sale price$1,980.00
Sunshine Ring
Sunshine Ring Sale price$2,720.00
Clover Studs - Blue
Clover Studs - Blue Sale price$240.00
Save $175.00 Carmel Necklace
Carmel Necklace Sale price$705.00 Regular price$880.00
Floare Ring - Salt & Pepper Diamonds
Clover Studs - Grey
Clover Studs - Grey Sale price$340.00
Clover Studs - Sky
Clover Studs - Sky Sale price$240.00
Lev Studs - Diamond
Lev Studs - Diamond Sale price$320.00
Venus Studs - Blue Sapphire
Venus Studs - Blue Sapphire Sale price$360.00
Muza Band - Sky
Muza Band - Sky Sale price$1,120.00
Carmel Ring - Emerald
Carmel Ring - Emerald Sale price$720.00
Oval the Moon Ring - London
Oval the Moon Ring - London Sale price$1,240.00
Lev Studs - Sky
Lev Studs - Sky Sale price$280.00
Clover Studs - Raspberry
Clover Studs - Raspberry Sale price$260.00
Hope Studs - Light Green
Hope Studs - Light Green Sale price$340.00
Trandafir Studs - Light Green
Trandafir Ring - Gray
Trandafir Ring - Gray Sale price$1,400.00
Clover Hoops - Blue Sapphire
Clover Hoops - Blue Sapphire Sale price$2,780.00
Emerald Marquise + Diamond Studs
Sapphire Marquise + Diamond Studs
Floare Ring - Blue
Floare Ring - Blue Sale price$1,600.00
Venus Ring - Green
Venus Ring - Green Sale price$960.00
Suice Studs - Berry
Suice Studs - Berry Sale price$360.00
Ruby Marquise + Diamond Studs
Aquamarine Marquise + Diamond Studs
Marquise Triplet Studs - Blue + Yellow
Marquise Triplet Studs - Spring
Clover Hoops - Ruby
Clover Hoops - Ruby Sale price$2,780.00
Moonstone Marquise + Diamond Studs
Hope Studs - Sky
Hope Studs - Sky Sale price$340.00
Nova Studs - Sky
Nova Studs - Sky Sale price$560.00
Nova Studs - Ocean
Nova Studs - Ocean Sale price$560.00
Muza Band - Light Green
Muza Band - Light Green Sale price$1,120.00
Deux Ring - Ocean
Deux Ring - Ocean Sale price$1,050.00
Livluv Ring - Raspberry
Livluv Ring - Raspberry Sale price$1,050.00
Livluv Ring - Sky
Livluv Ring - Sky Sale price$1,050.00
Hannah Ring
Hannah Ring Sale price$2,160.00