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Floating Eau De Parfum
Floating Eau De Parfum Sale price$165.00
Mini Diamond Ascher Cut Ring
Mini Diamond Ascher Cut Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Mini Diamond Pear Ring
Mini Diamond Pear Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Mini Diamond Oval Ring
Mini Diamond Oval Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Pavé Sunrise Ring
Pavé Sunrise Ring Sale price$1,380.00
Mini Crescent Hoop Earrings
Mini Crescent Hoop Earrings Sale price$690.00
Heptagon Diamond Necklace
Heptagon Diamond Necklace Sale price$2,645.00
Halfmoon Diamond Necklace
Halfmoon Diamond Necklace Sale price$1,600.00
Pave Sunrise Necklace
Pave Sunrise Necklace Sale price$1,380.00
Fête Earrings - Blue 3"
Fête Earrings - Blue 3" Sale price$52.00
Fête Necklace - Blue
Fête Necklace - Blue Sale price$72.00
Single Diamond Gold Linked Bar Bracelet
Scattered Star Set Diamonds Small Aura Ring
Paris Mixed Cut Diamond Station Bracelet
Baguette & Princess Diamond Open Ring
Mixed Cut Diamond Brushed Gold Shield Pendant Necklace
Stacked Mixed Cut Diamond Ring
Itty Bitty Diamond Evil Eye Stud - Single
Mixed Prong Diamond Bypass Ring
Ruby Baguette Necklace
Ruby Baguette Necklace Sale price$675.00
Baguette Blue Sapphire Hinge Huggie Hoops
White Diamond Diadem Ring
White Diamond Diadem Ring Sale price$1,415.00
White Diamond Anadem Ring
White Diamond Anadem Ring Sale price$1,368.00
Crown Ring
Crown Ring Sale price$983.00
Pont de Pearl Studs
Pont de Pearl Studs Sale price$978.00
Sloane Bracelet
Sloane Bracelet Sale price$520.00
Seton Earrings
Seton Earrings Sale price$720.00
Ondine Hoops — BRUCE Jewelry Trunk Show
3 Rose Cut Blue Sapphire Equilibrium Necklace
Sold out Blue Sapphire Triad Necklace
Emerald Milestones Necklace
Emerald Milestones Necklace Sale price$480.00
Willow Necklace
Willow Necklace Sale price$616.00
Slate Streamliner with Striker and Black Matches
Grey and White Holder & Grey Matches
Brown and White Holder & Brown Matches
Mirage Huggies
Mirage Huggies Sale price$990.00
Mini Three-Step Point Earring - Opal + Diamond
Small Two-Step Chain Earring - Opal + Diamond
Opal Mist Earrings
Opal Mist Earrings Sale price$396.00
Linear Chain Necklace
Linear Chain Necklace Sale price$1,335.00
Small Two-Step Opal Chain Earrings
Dash Wisp Earrings
Dash Wisp Earrings Sale price$135.00
Large Four Step Ring - Opal
Large Four Step Ring - Opal Sale price$601.00
Sapphire Organic Triangle Ring
Sapphire Organic Triangle Ring Sale price$1,015.00
Opal Disc Necklace
Opal Disc Necklace Sale price$575.00
Long Pearl Shower Earrings
Long Pearl Shower Earrings Sale price$238.00
Pearl Dewdrop Earrings
Pearl Dewdrop Earrings Sale price$320.00
Sold out Three-Step Point Opal Earrings