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Marquise Diamond Fan Necklace
Prong Diamond & Emerald Necklace
Single Prong Diamond Small Curb Chain Necklace
Diamond Solo Necklace
Diamond Solo Necklace Sale price$830.00
14k Gold Classic Box Chain
14k Gold Classic Box Chain Sale price$510.00
Diamond + Hammered Granule Necklace
Moonstone + Salt and Pepper Diamond Necklace
Curved Granules + Diamond Necklace
Mini Helium Initial Charm Necklace
Mini Helium Initial Charm Necklace Sale priceFrom $150.00
Mini Imperial Disc Pendant Necklace
Anna Necklace - Brick
Anna Necklace - Brick Sale price$85.00
Anna Necklace - Tan
Anna Necklace - Tan Sale price$85.00
Anna Necklace - Cobalt
Anna Necklace - Cobalt Sale price$85.00
Baroque Pearl Duo Necklace
Baroque Pearl Duo Necklace Sale price$525.00
Arco Necklace
Arco Necklace Sale priceFrom $94.00
Panther Chain Necklace
Panther Chain Necklace Sale price$145.00
Small Lucia Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace
Sold out Small Lucia Vermeil Diamond Necklace
Birthstone Pendant - Citrine
Aubrey Necklace
Aubrey Necklace Sale price$725.00
Birthstone Pendant - Aquamarine
Birthstone Pendant - Tanzanite
Birthstone Pendant - Opal
Birthstone Pendant - Opal Sale price$525.00
Birthstone Pendant - Pearl
Birthstone Pendant - Pearl Sale price$495.00
Birthstone Pendant - Diamond
Birthstone Pendant - Diamond Sale priceFrom $595.00
Birthstone Pendant - Sapphire
Birthstone Pendant - Emerald
Birthstone Pendant - Ruby
Birthstone Pendant - Ruby Sale price$595.00
Birthstone Pendant - Peridot
Birthstone Pendant - Amethyst
Birthstone Pendant - Garnet
Birthstone Pendant - Garnet Sale price$495.00
Sofia Slice Necklace - Emerald
Hailey Chain Necklace - Silver
Brynlee Necklace
Brynlee Necklace Sale price$820.00
Three Diamond Disc Necklace
Three Diamond Disc Necklace Sale price$715.00
Diamond Disc Necklace
Diamond Disc Necklace Sale price$625.00
Love Token Necklace - Silver Square
Sofia Slice Necklace - Moonstone
Carmel Necklace
Carmel Necklace Sale price$880.00
Shower of Faith Mini Fringe Necklace
Hailey Chain Necklace
Hailey Chain Necklace Sale price$165.00
Love Token Necklace - Round
Love Token Necklace - Round Sale price$145.00
Initial Necklace
Initial Necklace Sale price$300.00
Diamond Bar Necklace
Diamond Bar Necklace Sale price$750.00
Round Spark Locket
Round Spark Locket Sale price$262.00
Blue Sapphire Mini Drop Necklace
Hammered Bar Necklace - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Hammered Bar Necklace Sale price$88.00
Sold out Make Your Own Luck Necklace - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC