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Petite Hoops - Yellow Gold - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Petite Hoops - Yellow Gold Sale price$225.00
Green Sapphire Mini Drop Necklace
No.3 Friendship Bracelet - Blush
Blue Sapphire Mini Drop Necklace
Rhodes Hoops
Rhodes Hoops Sale price$120.00
No.3 Friendship Bracelet - Clay
Diamond Drop Studs - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Diamond Drop Studs Sale price$295.00
No.3 Friendship Bracelet - Grey
Sunday Earrings
Sunday Earrings Sale price$32.00
No.3 Friendship Bracelet - Black
14K Gold Hugger Hoops
14K Gold Hugger Hoops Sale price From $75.00
Saki Earrings
Saki Earrings Sale price$40.00
Diamond Drop Necklace
Diamond Drop Necklace Sale price$465.00
Itty Bitty Skull Stud - Single
Initial Necklace
Initial Necklace Sale price$300.00
Itty Bitty Star Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Lightning Bolt Stud - Single
Gold Bar Studs
Gold Bar Studs Sale price$285.00
Pearl Hoops
Pearl Hoops Sale price$64.00
Fringe Theory Earrings
Fringe Theory Earrings Sale price$184.00
Lev Studs - Diamond
Lev Studs - Diamond Sale price$320.00
Hailey Chain Bracelet
Hailey Chain Bracelet Sale price$115.00
Shower of Faith Baby Fringe Earrings
Baroque Pearl Drop Necklace
Baroque Pearl Drop Necklace Sale price$540.00
Labradorite Drop Stone Hoops
Itty Bitty Palm Tree Stud - Single
Itty Bitty Key Stud - Single
Lucky Ring
Lucky Ring Sale price$76.00
Sequin Ring
Sequin Ring Sale price$36.00
Itty Bitty Padlock Stud - Single
Remi Ring - Lapis
Remi Ring - Lapis Sale price$72.00
Turquoise Shoreline Bracelet
Aella Hoop
Aella Hoop Sale price$110.00
Small Lucia Vermeil Diamond Dangle Earrings
Sold out Rise Sterling Silver Studs
Rise Sterling Silver Studs Sale price$110.00
Marni Necklace
Marni Necklace Sale price$188.00
Medium Flora Hoop
Medium Flora Hoop Sale price$115.00
Lev Studs - Emerald
Lev Studs - Emerald Sale price$280.00
Diamond Continuity Ring
Diamond Continuity Ring Sale price$1,100.00
Sold out Twisted Petite Hoops
Twisted Petite Hoops Sale price$295.00
Two Clouds Above Nine Earrings
Brit Necklace
Brit Necklace Sale price$275.00
Voyage Hoops - Mountain
Voyage Hoops - Mountain Sale price From $74.00
Medium Flora Hoop - Silver
Large Mixed Prong Diamond Necklace
Mini Imperial Disc Pendant Necklace
Mini Imperial Disc Pendant Necklace Sale price From $665.00
Save $41.00 Emerald Birthstone Stacking Ring
Emerald Birthstone Stacking Ring Sale price$434.00 Regular price$475.00
Itty Bitty Peace Sign Stud - Single