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Holiday Gift Guide: Modern + Minimal

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Sunday Earrings
Sunday Earrings Sale price$32.00
Rise Sterling Silver Studs
Rise Sterling Silver Studs Sale price$110.00
Ivan Ring
Ivan Ring Sale price$72.00
Diamond + Hammered Granule Necklace
Forme Suspender Earrings
Forme Suspender Earrings Sale price$398.00
Bezel Lab Diamond Dangle Earrings
Mini Calliope Hoops
Mini Calliope Hoops Sale price$330.00
Long Silver Drop Stud
Long Silver Drop Stud Sale price$132.00
Single Diamond Gold Linked Bar Bracelet
Emerald Milestones Necklace
Emerald Milestones Necklace Sale price$480.00
Opal Disc Necklace
Opal Disc Necklace Sale price$575.00
Vivi Necklace
Vivi Necklace Sale price$558.00
Seton Earrings
Seton Earrings Sale price$720.00
Diamond + Hammered Granule Stud
Shelter Anniversary Collection: One Of A Kind Dark Pink Sapphire Shield Studs
Mini Diamond Pear Ring
Mini Diamond Pear Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Mini Diamond Oval Ring
Mini Diamond Oval Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Mini Diamond Ascher Cut Ring
Mini Diamond Ascher Cut Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Mini Crescent Hoop Earrings
Mini Crescent Hoop Earrings Sale price$690.00
Halfmoon Diamond Necklace
Halfmoon Diamond Necklace Sale price$1,600.00
Long Gold Bar Studs
Long Gold Bar Studs Sale price$325.00
Open Oval Brass Stud
Open Oval Brass Stud Sale price$121.00
Herringbone Bracelet
Herringbone Bracelet Sale price$230.00
Grey Pearl Sister Studs
Grey Pearl Sister Studs Sale price$468.00
Long Pearl Shower Earrings
Long Pearl Shower Earrings Sale price$238.00
Dash Wisp Earrings
Dash Wisp Earrings Sale price$135.00