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$1,000 and Above

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Baguette + Round Band
Baguette + Round Band Sale priceFrom $1,800.00
Petite Band - Blue Sapphire
Petite Band - Blue Sapphire Sale price$1,150.00
Rim Band
Rim Band Sale priceFrom $970.00
Three Tier Band
Three Tier Band Sale priceFrom $1,000.00
Multi Diamond Cluster Bracelet
Multi Diamond Cluster Bracelet Sale price$1,650.00
Mini Imperial Disc Pendant Necklace
Baguette Band
Baguette Band Sale priceFrom $1,750.00
Classic Band - White Diamond
Classic Band - White Diamond Sale priceFrom $1,500.00
Petite Band - White Diamond
Petite Band - White Diamond Sale priceFrom $1,150.00
4mm Half Round Band
4mm Half Round Band Sale priceFrom $925.00
Flat Signet Ring
Flat Signet Ring Sale price$1,250.00
ID Arc Bracelet - Engraveable
ID Arc Bracelet - Engraveable Sale price$1,225.00
Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,800.00
Knife Edge Band
Knife Edge Band Sale priceFrom $970.00
Rounded Heirloom Signet Ring
Rounded Heirloom Signet Ring Sale price$2,100.00
Charlotte Ring
Charlotte Ring Sale price$2,025.00
Curved Diamond Band
Curved Diamond Band Sale priceFrom $1,675.00
3mm Half Round Band
3mm Half Round Band Sale priceFrom $740.00
Zodiac Dog Tag Charm
Zodiac Dog Tag Charm Sale priceFrom $850.00
Commitment Collection: Laurel Cluster Ring
Floare Ring - Salt & Pepper Diamonds
White Diamond Medium Pave Arch Band
Moonlit Ring
Moonlit Ring Sale price$1,650.00
Scattered Diamond Hoops
Scattered Diamond Hoops Sale price$2,400.00
Diamond + Garnet Wide Ring
Diamond + Garnet Wide Ring Sale price$3,200.00
Garnet, Pearl + Diamond Charm Necklace
Knife Edge Hoops
Knife Edge Hoops Sale price$1,275.00
Ada Necklace
Ada Necklace Sale price$1,450.00
Dianne Necklace
Dianne Necklace Sale price$1,280.00
Small Weaving Earrings
Small Weaving Earrings Sale price$1,208.00
Kendall Ring
Kendall Ring Sale price$2,750.00
Arlo Ring
Arlo Ring Sale price$1,950.00
Millie Ring
Millie Ring Sale price$2,050.00
Willow Ring
Willow Ring Sale price$2,450.00
Arielle Ring
Arielle Ring Sale price$4,850.00
Rosalind Ring
Rosalind Ring Sale price$6,325.00
Sylvie Ring
Sylvie Ring Sale price$4,650.00
Jane Ring
Jane Ring Sale price$5,495.00
Mini Diamond Ascher Cut Ring
Mini Diamond Ascher Cut Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Mini Diamond Pear Ring
Mini Diamond Pear Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Mini Diamond Oval Ring
Mini Diamond Oval Ring Sale price$1,150.00
Pavé Sunrise Ring
Pavé Sunrise Ring Sale price$1,380.00
Heptagon Diamond Necklace
Heptagon Diamond Necklace Sale price$2,645.00
Halfmoon Diamond Necklace
Halfmoon Diamond Necklace Sale price$1,600.00
Pave Sunrise Necklace
Pave Sunrise Necklace Sale price$1,380.00
Scattered Star Set Diamonds Small Aura Ring
Mixed Cut Diamond Brushed Gold Shield Pendant Necklace
White Diamond Diadem Ring
White Diamond Diadem Ring Sale price$1,415.00