Meet Emerson, of Emerson Fry

I first discovered Emerson Fry through an online shopping rabbit hole a few years ago. I fell in love with the easiness of their pieces, and the quality they continued to put out month after month. I also was impressed by their made-to-order model (i.e. they take orders ahead of time, the produce based on those orders, rather than keeping a ton of stock and having to sell through it at the end of the season).

The brand is designed by Emerson and her husband Ryan. She designs (and ships!) from her farm in New Hampshire, where the small independent company is family-run, and where they live with their twin girls. Most pieces are created domestically using heritage techniques. Emerson's goal is to create jobs and support positive social, cultural, and environmental shifts.

The Emerson Fry line is designed, cut, and sewn in the US. Because there are so few USA-milled textiles, they work primarily with fabric mills in Italy (wool coatings and yarns for sweaters), Japan (cottons), and Poland (linens). Their India Collection, which is primarily cotton and features pieces at a lower price point, is produced in Rajasthan, India.  

Emerson Fry Caftan

The India Collection fabrics are dyed with low-impact, azo-free dyes. The EF team works with dyers who have water treatment plants at their printing/dying facility. Low impact dyes use about 70% less water than conventional dyes and the water is treated and reused.

The government of Rajasthan (where the India Collection is produced) has also recently developed and is currently implementing a comprehensive state-wide plan for water supply management, waste water treatment, and its optimum reuse with the goal that every drop of water is utilized in an efficient and safe manner.

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