We believe that it’s important to understand where and how your pieces are being made, and what they are made up of. It’s imperative to us that we are mindful of the materials we use, and the practices we take in our studio. Many of our custom pieces are made by hand by Mallory herself in our shop studio.

As our demand has grown for our custom pieces, we have begun working with a small business located in New York’s diamond district that handles much of our CAD design, casting, and stone setting. We also work with a women’s collective located in upstate New York to help with the bulk production of our everyday line. All of these pieces are made with recycled metals, and all of our extra materials (down to the plastic baggies most of the jewelry we carry is shipped in) is reused and recycled, or donated when possible.

We source stones from a variety of suppliers who are committed to providing quality, conflict-free stones. All of the diamonds we purchase adhere to the Kimberley Process, and when possible, we try our best to trace the origin of our stones. We are increasingly exploring diamonds sourced from Canada, as well as consciously sourced sapphires that are mined in the United States. 

For those who want a completely environmentally conscious piece, we recommend buying one of our vintage or antique styles. It is recycling in every sense, and no additional labor or materials are needed.

We are also proud to carry so many environmentally-minded brands in our Wedding Wing. We’ve included information about each of our designer’s environmental practices below.


Disillusioned by industry standards that turned a blind eye to metal and gemstone mining’s environmental and human tolls, the designers began to envision how to make jewelry of lasting value and ethical origins. Today, Bario Neal is an industry leader in ethical sourcing and progressive manufacturing. A belief in the right to love and marry whomever and however you choose is one of the core principles of Bario Neal’s jewelry.

Bario Neal jewelry is crafted with precious metals that have been carefully sourced to reflect our commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability. Bario Neal was one of the first jewelry companies to participate in the Fairmined Assurance label, and we now proudly offer Fairmined gold extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners. The Fairmined certification is supported by a third party auditing system that ensures that all participating miners meet rigorous environmental and social standards. We also work closely with US refineries that share our vow to minimize environmental impacts while producing recycled precious metals.

  • Fairmined Metal - Our Fairmined metals are extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners.
  • Reclaimed Metal - We use recycled metals processed by refiners in the United States that share our vow to minimize environmental impacts.

When the Bario Neal team began making our jewelry, there were few resources available for ensuring that stones could be traced back to mines that shared their commitment to environmental responsibility, fairness and human rights. Through persistent research, industry outreach, and direct support for sustainable mining organizations and initiatives, they have forged higher standards that they are proud to adhere to with all of their diamonds and colored gemstones. Their search for ethical excellence has led them to pursue industry firsts, from custom-cut ethical origin baguette diamonds to traceable pave diamonds and colored gemstones. They guarantee their diamonds are fully traceable and primarily of recycled, Australian, Canadian, and Namibian origin. All of their recycled gemstones have been repurposed from old stock or other jewelry, which requires no industrial processes and avoids further human or environmental impacts.  

  • Diamonds - To us, an ethical diamond isn’t just certified as conflict-free. We go deeper; working with a fully traceable supply chain, from mine to market.
  • Colored Stones - Our colored gemstones are traceable from mine to market. We work with established mines and support new efforts in responsible mining.
  • Pave Stones - Traceability is often deemed too difficult for small stones. We believe that every stone matters, and we were the first to bring traceable, ethical baguette diamonds to the market.


The team at Corey Egan, LLC believes that sustainability isn’t an all-or-nothing practice. Having a positive impact on our environment comes from one good choice at a time. They believe in crafting products to be worn and loved for a lifetime, and in being mindful of the materials and processes they use to create them. They seek to deepen  their understanding of the jewelry industry’s impact on the environment so they can make conscious choices to lessen that impact. In this way, they believe they can be a model for how our industry can—and should—evolve. How is Corey Egan, LLC incorporating sustainability into our core business values? 
Almost 80% of existing gold is already in the form of jewelry, gold bars, and electronics. It’s a no-brainer for them to use recycled metals from this existing supply to mitigate the harmful effects of new mining. (And to encourage you to recycle your own!) Their precious metals come from companies certified by the third party SCS Global Services to offer 100% Recycled content in their precious metals. 

    All of their diamonds are Kimberly Process certified as conflict-free. They elect to use recycled and Canadian mined diamonds throughout their jewelry collection. For the bridal collection, they encourage the use of recycled, antique or post-consumer diamonds as an alternative to newly mined gems. These diamonds have been repurposed from old jewelry, inspected and re-polished to their highest potential, and require no new mining efforts to create your new jewelry.


    100% of the metal used in Lauren Priori's pieces is recycled and responsibly sourced.

      All diamonds featured in Lauren's pieces are responsibly sourced whenever possible. The grey diamonds used in her pieces are Canadian mined.


      Lauren Wolf Jewelry is best known for creating unusual engagement rings using ethically-mined, rare colored diamonds.


      The Point No Point studio is committed to providing our customers with high quality fine jewelry without compromising our ethical or sustainable values. Their jewelry is crafted exclusively using 100% recycled metals and they carefully select diamond supply partners who are also committed to providing top quality diamonds that are conflict-free. Any diamond can be certified upon request. 
      Point No Point is committed to responsibly and sustainably sourcing our materials. They are a proud Harmony Authorized Partner; their jewelry is crafted exclusively using 100% recycled metals. Every piece is hallmarked with a purity stamp.

      As a Harmony Authorized Partner, all of their jewelry is created using 100% recycled metals. Their material supplier, Hoover & Strong, is audited each year by SCS Global Services and have always passed SCS’s strict sustainability guidelines to ensure our materials are 100% environmentally and ethically responsible. Recycled gold and sterling silver are the same color and molecular composition as non-recycled metals. The raw metal has been refined from non-mined sources such as reclaimed jewelry, silverware, old coins, etc.

        All raw diamonds that are imported into the United States must meet the strict requirements of the Kimberley Process, ensuring that all diamonds being traded are conflict free. Point No Point is very selective of their diamond suppliers - they only partner with suppliers who are committed to ethically sourcing high quality diamonds.


        All of the metals used in Sarah Swell pieces are recycled.

          All of the stones used in Sarah Swell pieces are certified conflict free.