Shop Director

We are seeking a Store Director to join our team! The shop director will serve as the primary public facing person of SHELTER, and handle all customer interactions and employee relations within the shop. They will be responsible for overall growth of the brand and day-to-day store operations.

This person will open the shop, lead the sales floor, oversee shop associates and managers, assist with product ordering and merchandising, and create an informative and welcoming shopping experience for our customers. They will also assist with sales goals, strategies, and initiatives. 

Ideal candidates are friendly, self-starting, flexible and outgoing, and are comfortable in a startup/small business environment. Jewelry knowledge or background a plus, but not required. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must. Weekend availability is required. 


  • 2+ years of retail experience
  • Experience leading a team + with team management
  • Strong customer service and merchandising skills
  • Understanding of successfully driving retail sales and store initiatives
  • Detail oriented problem solver who is used to a fast-pace and regularly changing work environment
  • Shopify familiarity


  • Familiarity with upscale jewelry brands, comfortable using jewelry terminology
  • Graphic design/web experience
  • Experience with jewelry-related sales

This is a 30-40 hour per week position at a competitive hourly rate, with the opportunity to become a full-time, salaried with benefits position after a 3-month trial period. Weekend and holiday availability is required. 

Responsibilities include:


  • Lead and manage the shop + team
  • Manage staff schedule, recruitment, and team growth
  • Oversee merchandising of stores
  • Help to create and reach quarterly in-store sales goals
  • Manage in-store inventory, product reordering, and inventory strategy 
  • Open and closes the shop in a timely and organized manner
  • Act as a leader on the shop floor
  • Work quickly and efficiently to troubleshoot any shop issues and handle customer service problems
  • Re-merchandise and restock on an ongoing basis 
  • Handle all returns, exchanges and store credit transactions without assistance
  • Maintain a clean and organized shop environment


  • Maintain a welcoming, friendly attitude to anyone who enters the shop
  • Prioritize customer engagement
  • Proactively interact with customers and helps to answer any questions, comments, or concerns
  • Help to create a warm, inviting shop environment
  • Find solutions for customer requests
  • Always leads customer interactions rather than waiting for the customer to engage
  • Answer customer questions with thoughtful responses 


  • Make a concise effort to be well-versed in all of the products/designers we carry in store
  • Share product and designer stories with customers to encourage sales
  • Guide customers through the fine jewelry and engagement buying process
  • Actively find answers to customer questions about products


Please send an email with a bit about yourself, your resume and pay expectations to