Weave Gold started in 2011 when Kyra's friend taught her the desirably envious brick stitch. It took her over six hours to finish one, very basic earring and after many a tear and a cry later, her fondness for the craft only grew and she had my first pair of handmade beaded earrings. She has dabbled in different arts and crafts before such as embroidery, sewing, and painting but nothing ever stuck until she found beading. With ever changing ideas, designs, and love for color and shapes, Kyra feels that her hands will be busy for quite some time to come. Her favorite part about beading is watching hundreds of individual tiny beads become unified and create something tangible and beautiful. She either creates a design before hand with pen and paper or she just begins with an idea in mind and lets her brain wander and her hands lead but the pieces always turn out differently than expected. The name Weave Gold came from a song 'Wizard' by Mariee Sioux. She was beading one night listening to Sioux and I heard the words, "Wizard, weave gold..." It seemed so perfect. Art is flawed and there are bound to be errors when something is handmade but it is beautiful in it's own way and someone somewhere will appreciate the quality and dignity behind the craft made by human hands. Everything you create is gold. So she likes to think that while she's beading, she's weaving gold.

 Every piece of jewelry Kyra makes is delicately designed by her two weaving hands and inspired from her own personal journey through life.  Every piece is made and handled with care.