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Valentine's Day — Friend Edit Gift Guide

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No.04 Bois de Balincourt - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Antidris Cassis Candle
Antidris Cassis Candle Sale price$38.00
No.02 Le Long Fond - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
No.02 Le Long Fond Candle Sale price$38.00
Wick Trimmer
Wick Trimmer Sale price$16.00
Hammered Disc Necklace - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Hammered Disc Necklace Sale price$125.00
Make Your Own Luck Necklace - Shelter Jewelry Shop DC
Black Pepper & Cedarwood Candle
Mujer Fuerte Candle
Mujer Fuerte Candle Sale price$32.00
Palo Santo & Desert Rose Candle
Save $20.00 Baby Wool Cloud - Cayenne
Baby Wool Cloud - Cayenne Sale price$52.00 Regular price$72.00
Citrus Season Candle
Citrus Season Candle Sale price$33.00
Herb Bed Candle
Herb Bed Candle Sale price$33.00
Save $20.00 Baby Wool Cloud - Lexi
Baby Wool Cloud - Lexi Sale price$52.00 Regular price$72.00
Save $11.00 Love Thyself Bod Oil
Love Thyself Bod Oil Sale price$25.00 Regular price$36.00
Navy Matches & Holder
Navy Matches & Holder Sale price$22.00
Save $20.00 Baby Wool Cloud - Iceland
Baby Wool Cloud - Iceland Sale price$52.00 Regular price$72.00
Acai Holder & Purple Matches
Navy and White Holder & Matches
Save $20.00 Baby Wool Cloud - Blueblack
Baby Wool Cloud - Blueblack Sale price$52.00 Regular price$72.00
White Matches & Holder
White Matches & Holder Sale price$22.00
Save $20.00 Baby Wool Cloud - Lilac
Baby Wool Cloud - Lilac Sale price$52.00 Regular price$72.00
Pink Holder & Rainbow Matches
Delfi Hoops - Small, Pink Clay
Carolyn Funnel Neck Sweater - Black Organic
Low V Neck Cardigan - Black
Low V Neck Cardigan - Black Sale price$238.00
Low V Neck Cardigan - Spiced Apple Organic