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September Birthstone: Sapphire

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Petite Band - Blue Sapphire
Petite Band - Blue Sapphire Sale price$1,150.00
Clover Studs - Sky
Clover Studs - Sky Sale price$240.00
Lev Studs - Sky
Lev Studs - Sky Sale price$280.00
Sapphire Marquise + Diamond Studs
Lev Studs - Lilac
Lev Studs - Lilac Sale price$280.00
Birthstone Pendant - Sapphire
Willow Ring - Sapphire
Willow Ring - Sapphire Sale price$290.00
Lev Studs - Pastel
Lev Studs - Pastel Sale price$280.00
Suice Studs - Berry
Suice Studs - Berry Sale price$360.00
Hope Studs - Fuchsia
Hope Studs - Fuchsia Sale price$340.00
Trandafir Studs - Light Green
Suice Studs - Blue
Suice Studs - Blue Sale price$360.00
Lev Studs - Blue
Lev Studs - Blue Sale price$280.00
Save $450.00 One Of A Kind Three Stone Sapphire Ring
One Of A Kind Three Stone Sapphire Ring Sale price$2,545.00 Regular price$2,995.00
Hyeres Teal Sapphire Ring
Hyeres Teal Sapphire Ring Sale price$3,450.00