Marja (MAR-ya) is the designer and maker behind MGG Studio.  Once upon a time she was convinced she was going to become an academic, but the siren song of the jewelry studio was just too strong. After dabbling in jewelry (and just about every other medium) when she was younger, she picked it back up while she was pursuing my Ph.D. as a way of avoiding working on her dissertation. Once she got her hands on a torch the rest was history: after she finished my degree she found she couldn't stay away, and now she spends her hours in the jewelry studio rather than the lab. As a metalsmith, it's important to her to pair bold, geometric designs with everyday ease, so she designs each of her modern, minimal pieces to feel as good as it looks. All of her jewelry is crafted by Marja and her assistants in her small studio. She's proud to  support other American small businesses and craftspeople by working in partnership with independent casting houses and local stonesetters.  She also believes that good design should go hand in hand with  sustainability, so she uses recycled and fair-mined metals as well as ethically-sourced diamonds in her handmade jewelry.