Kristin Gaudio Ensely

Kristin is a painter and ceramicist who has journeyed around the world polishing her eye and trademark ability to create visual textures with a rich, adventurous color palette and expressive techniques. Her geometric paintings display the idea of time as means of achieving a chimerical sense of control; at the same time, she pours upon intuition and trust in the senses with her reflective expressionistic paintings, as if letting go and confiding in her own rhythmic and balanced instincts. Harmony is a paramount value for both the artist's mission. In her year-long exploration of ceramics, Kristin merged her artistic style and the porcelain’s delicate virtues into functional pieces that aim to fill homes and spaces with meaning.  Kristin's goal as an artist is to fill homes with more thoughtful intention. She currently lives and works in Washington DC.

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